Apr 20

Top Marketing Initiatives for 2016

With every new year comes a new lineup of marketing initiatives to get your customers to rank you ahead of your competitors. Here is list of what we at Kleidon & Associates see as the most effective and most relevant trends for the year, based on what we see among our clients, as well as national trends.

Your site is mobile, right?

Last year we gave you the heads up that responsive sites–those which react to screen size for optimal interaction–are ready to be taken seriously. In fact, Google publicly announced that websites without a mobile version would be penalized in search rankings. Many of our clients heeded the warning and got their online assets in order.

If you were not one of them, it’s time to play catch up. Chances are, you have fallen behind your competitors. Making the switch is not hard and doesn’t have to be expensive. Put it on the top of your to-do list.

Return to direct mail

Direct mail is dead, right? Wrong. Just like most marketing trends, it has come full circle, and some of our clients have seen the best results from direct marketing in years. It is becoming a reliable approach because so many abandoned it in recent years. And, for the first time in history, the USPS has dropped the cost of stamps. Direct mail should be back on your radar.

Organic is the new organic.

Organic search has always been important, but now it’s bigger than ever. SEO has evolved like no other marketing tool, and it’s amazing how many marketing agencies ignore it.

Here are the three elements of SEO that are rising to the forefront in 2016:

  1. Creating good and searchable content through social media.
  2. Writing blog posts for humans, as opposed to keyword stuffed articles for search robots.
  3. Go beyond words, and think about how photos, charts and videos can help.

If you have ignored SEO for years, consider an SEO audit from Kleidon, which outlines your site’s ranking versus competitors, important link activity, flaws in your site that are hurting your results, and more. We are offering this comprehensive report for $450 through June 15 (typically $750). Contact Kurt for more information.

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Aug 14

5 Lessons I Learned from My Internship

Lessons image (1)Many blog posts and a few projects later, the summer is coming to a close and so is my internship with Kleidon& Associates. During my time here I’ve learned some invaluable lessons about the business world, so, for my last blog post, I decided to share them with you.

  1. It’s all a learning experience

There is a great deal that you can learn in a classroom: how to write a press release, craft a blog post or memorize all of the AP style rules. This is good preparation; however, it is no substitute for experience. There is far more to learn beyond the classroom walls. When you take on an internship you are taking another step to further your education. Therefore, you should not overly worry about making mistakes, nor shy away from projects that are outside your comfort zone. These will only help you to grow as a professional.

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Aug 14

Email Marketing, Part 2: How to use your list

EmailMarketing_Part2-page-001 (1)

Once you’ve grown your email list, the next step is to keep subscribers interested. According to The Radicati Group the average person receives around 88 emails per day. How do you make sure your email stand out in the crowd? By following some of these tips, you can uncover how to keep subscribers interested and engaged.

Welcome subscribers

As soon as you gain a new subscriber the first thing you should do is acknowledge their presence. Not only is it a good way to make a connection right away but, according to Slide Share, 74.4% of consumers expect a welcome email when they subscribe.

Besides saying hello, you need to deliver anything you have promised like a coupon or a white paper. You want to build credibility with your subscribers. This message can also be a way to ensure you are sending the email to the right address and lets the consumer know their request to join the email list has processed.

Make it personal

We like when people pay attention to us and tailor to us. Perhaps this is why personalization has become a great tool that delivers results for email marketers. According to Marketing Land personalized emails see 6 times higher transaction rates than emails that aren’t personalized.  Add a slight personal touch with information subscribers have volunteered such as a coupon for their birthday or items they might like based on their previous purchases. Continue reading

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Jul 15

Email Marketing, Part 1: Building a List

Image-1Over the years email marketing has become an indispensable tool for communication. With 73% of marketers agreeing email marketing is a core part of their business and with a strong track record for being a solid source of ROI who would blame them? According to The Direct Marketing Association for every $1 spend on email marketing the average ROI is $43. ROI doesn’t just mean money; however, ROI can also come in the form of education, information and donors.

Building a strong, healthy email list is an important step to make sure your email marketing campaign can achieve its goals. Don’t worry, though; whether you have five subscribers or twenty thousand, there are plenty of simple changes you can make to increase your subscription rates. Continue reading

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